Lochaline Quartz Sand Ltd. Covid-19 Statement

After 8 weeks of non-activity, the demand for our product is picking up again, and Lochaline Quartz Sand Ltd. will slowly start production again on Monday the 1st of June. We are keen to welcome all of our employees back in the coming week.

LQS takes the Covid-19 virus very seriously, and is aware of the fact that, although the spread of the virus has been slowed down, as a country we are not out of the woods yet. We have put measures in place to ensure the safety of our staff, and visitors.

We are meeting all government guidelines regarding social distancing and exceeding them where possible. Our company has implemented the following preventive measures:

- If LQS staff can do work from home, they are encouraged to do so.

- Social distancing rules need to be abided by at all times.

- No more than 2 people in a room at the same time.

- Hand sanitising stations have been set up.

- Face to face exchanges with external contacts have been reduced to a minimum and if possible replaced by telephone and video conferencing.

We are constantly reviewing the government advice and following closely their recommendations.

LQS is acutely aware of the stresses that our health services are experiencing and have experienced. We have therefore given a one-off donation to NHS Highland, and LQS has also donated face masks to be used by NHS nurses and carers in the West Highlands peninsulas.

LQS would like to take this opportunity to thank its staff for their flexibility in the current challenging circumstances. We also would like to thank our customers for their continued support. 

Last update: 31 May 2020